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The Lanyard Ladies After-School Friendship Bracelet & Lanyard Making Club

After-School Bracelet Making Club


 The Lanyard Ladies are the newest craze hitting the tri-state area. Our club is “KNOT” to be missed. We teach children how to make friendship bracelets, lanyard bracelets and other creative crafts. Our hands-on learning experience is offered to boys and girls K to 6th grades.  We encourage friendships in a fun, learning environment. 


All supplies for club projects will be provided by The Lanyard Ladies. The club is always instructed by highly trained lanyard experts. All of our stringstatic instructors have had background checks and are fully qualified to teach the skills of bracelet making. Each week The Lanyard Ladies will focus on enhancing the student’s skills of making bracelets and learn how to make a new craft. Our club is always age appropriate and can be learned by all. We start with the basics of making friendship bracelets and lanyards and increase the difficulty as the weeks go by. We will be teaching how to make a Chinese staircase, candy stripe, lanyard pens, bookmarks, pipe-cleaner crafts, zipper stitch, box stitch, butterfly and more. Club itinerary changes all the time as we add new and exciting items for the students to make. Students always arrive home with a finished project and skills to last a lifetime.



If we do not have a club offered at your school, please call us or contact your school to let them know you want one!

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